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What Kind of Dad am I?

I’m the dad who will show my daughter how to use a screwdriver to save a princess/prince/dinosaur from a raging dinosaur.

I’m the dad who tell my little girl that she is invincible as long as she’s trying to make the world a better place.

I’m the dad who will stop what I’m doing to answer her questions. All of the questions. Even if the question is why, why, why, why

I’m the dad the is crazy enough to say “forget social norms, if she’s going to sing in public then I’m going to sing in public” (and sometimes even start the singing).

I’m the dad that is mean enough to make her go to bed on time, but kind enough to hug her before she falls asleep.

I’m the dad who is not a superhero, but right now as she becomes a stong and independent 2-year old, I’m the dad that is silently thrilled that I get to be her superhero.

I’m the dad who is trying harder every day, because I have a little person who needs… who deserves that.