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Be musings of hi-fi music

I have noticed a strong surge in the sale of surround sound amplifiers that are all about 8+ years old.

It appears that the market for upgrading the home stereo has reached a point where no longer having a quality sound system without HDMI inputs is acceptable.

The market is now flooded with older amps and people are asking top dollar for them. I wonder if they will get the price they are asking?

Retro ads that will make you cringe

Pop for babies. As scary thoughtRecently I was sent an email with some old ads, some might call them retro (I did in my headline), but really these are ads that show you how much our society has changed in the past 100 years.

There is a lot of discussion these days about equality, health, safety, and rights; conversations that I think is essential. While we are nowhere near finished having these discussions and working towards addressing positive social change, I have made a new Pinterest board that shows some examples of how far we have come.

The best is ahead of us, because we are certainly learning from our mistakes.

Have a look at the Pinterest board for more ads similar to the pictures on the right. Some of the ads are even more shocking.



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